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Air New Zealand | Aviation Institute

This event is designed to provide teachers with an insight into the world of aviation and the training required to join this industry.

A full day event, exploring three key areas within the Aviation Institutes training facility:

  • Air Crew;
  • Engineering;
  • Pilot training.

The Aviation Institute has some of the most modern training facilities and equipment in the industry, which includes specialist fire and cabin safety training equipment.

MIT School of Professional Engineering - Information Workshop

The information session included a Polytimer Game Workshop (putting together an electronic game – which you are welcome to take away; and a tour of the facility.

The School of Professional Engineering offer programmes in civil, mechanical and electrical fields at levels 3-4 (foundation), 6 (diploma) and 7 (degree). Their facilities include laboratories for civil, mechanical and specialised electrical offerings in clinical engineering, data communications, electronics, mechatronics, and power.

NZ Steel

The Glenbrook Steel Mill is a fascinating place to visit. The site has a rich history, having opened in the mid 1960's. Since then many changes and advancements have occurred and these progressions have resulted in the continuous production of quality steel within New Zealand.

We explored various plants and processes through to the testing laboratories. A brilliant day.

Novotel Auckland Airport

Novotel Auckland Airport Tainui opened in 2011. It has 263 rooms, conference, business facilities, restaurant and bar. The hotel was developed as a joint venture between Tainui Group Holdings and Auckland International Airport Ltd.

We will explore operational areas of the hotel e.g. conference facilicties; front of house; food and beverage; engineering.

Teachers in Industry to MIT School of Professional Engineering

Dr. Neel Pandey and his team gave our group of teachers a brilliant introduction to the engineering programmes for students offered at MIT. We toured the facility, saw projects the students are engaging in and also talked to students programming PLC's. The opportunity to build/solder a small electronic circuit (Polygame), power it up and have it function was very cool!

The School of Professional Engineering offer programmes in civil, mechanical and electrical fields at levels 3-4 (foundation), 6 (diploma) and 7 (degree). Their facilities include laboratories for civil, mechanical and specialised electrical offerings in clinical engineering, data communications, electronics, mechatronics, and power.

Teachers in Industry visit to Waiuku Gourmet and Zonda Beneficials

A huge thanks to Roelf from Waiuku Gourmet for a fantastic visit. The complexity of production systems, huge investment in technology and stunning sustainability practices were a stand-out. The bumble bee breeding and biological pest control practices were also a highlight.

WAIUKU GOURMET and ZONDA BENEFICIALS are part of the NZ Gourmet group. Waiuku Gourmet grow capsicums and tomatoes under glass, making use of cutting edge technology and production systems. Zonda Beneficials are a leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination.

I was stunned to tell you the truth. I was brought up round farming and my views were quite traditional about primary industry. Certainly changed after visiting Gourmet!! All teachers need to see the future.

Teachers in Industry visit to T & G Global

This visit involved a tour through one of the Under Cover Crops facilities followed by a 30 minute presentation providing insight into the Logistics and Warehousing facilities and related career and training opportunities.

T&G Global (originally Turners and Growers) started over 120 years ago. They are now a truly global business that produces some of the world's safest fresh fruit and vegetables and are the largest tomato grower and marketer in New Zealand. With over 28ha of state of the art glasshouse facilities.

Teachers in Industry in association with Careers New Zealand visit Air New Zealand | Aviation Institute

A massive thanks to Fiona, Emma and the team from Air New Zealand Aviation Institute for an amazing industry visit for teachers. The day included an overview of Digital, Engineering, Airpoints for Schools and a flight aboard the 787 Dreamliner Simulator. Clearly a big effort from all Air New Zealanders involved and is very much appreciated.

The overwhelming feedback from teachers has been the ability to provide rich more authentic contexts for the learning and careers guidance.

Fascinating behind the scenes look at the aviation industry. The Engineering & Maintenance tour provided really useful info about the various entry points into the aircraft maintenance/technician/engineer career. It will be useful to be able to provide far richer, more authentic contexts for the learning that takes place in school.

Teachers in Industry visit to Punchbowl Kiwifruit Services

Punchbowl Kiwifruit Services are a post harvest business that grows, packs and stores Kiwifruit. They provide a range of orchard services to their growers:

  • Punchbowl has a strong focus on new technologies and orchard management, fruit handling systems and storage performance.
  • Punchbowl operates a reasearch and maturity Lab. They have an active research programme investigating orchard and post harvest activities aimed at assisting growers to enhance their productivity and returns.

Teachers in Industry visit to Hawkins Contstruction

Hawkins Construction are a large multi-disciplinary group of companies; Construction, Infrastructure, Harker Underground and Caterbury Recovery Project. This visit was to a new school construction project, due to open Term 1 2017 - Ormiston Junior College.

Teachers in Industry visit to Zealandia Horticulture

Graham and Pedro at Zealandia Horticulture provided an amazing tour of their Clevedon Facility. Zealandia are specialist wholesale growers of annuals, houseplants and commercial seedlings.

Zealandia Horticulture have made significant investment in infrastructure to future proof their business and ensure they maintain sustainable practices by having modern environment, with extensive use of automated machinery and precision systems for ensuring customer orders are accurate.

Teachers in Industry visit to Sutherland Produce Ltd

Sutherland Produce is a family business that supplies broccoli, lettuce and silverbeet for the domestic market.

Teachers in Industry visit — Hunua kōkako recovery project

Su and Scotty from the Auckland Council took our group up into the Hunuas to checkout the Hunua Kōkako Recovery Project and learn more about the activities that the field teams engage in.

Kōkako are under threat from habitat loss and predators like rats, stoats and possums. Since 1994, the Hunua kōkako recovery project has increased the population from a single breeding pair to 55 breeding pairs.

Teachers in Industry visit to Griffins

A fantastic tour of the factory by Shelley Banham and her team at Griffin's in Papakura. Guest speakers talked about their current roles and pathways in training and previous employment.

The visit to Griffins was valuable. I am a teacher of Technology and will be able share with my students the importance of Maths, Science and Engineering"
"From a teaching point of view, any information on the variety of jobs available and what qualifications students would need to apply for them would be good. Guest speakers to speak to classes would also be valuable, along with possible class trips/tours."

Teachers in Industry visit to Hornell Industries

Hornell Industries is a family owned business operating successfully since 1968, providing plate and sheet metal processing facilities for every possible steel manufacturing solution.

Very informative visit with respect to the infrastructure projects around Auckland and the qualities/attributes they looked for in prospective employees/apprentices.

The array of equipment and the advances in technology to allow for greater automation and higher throughput is pretty exciting too.

Teachers in Industry visit to NZ Gourmet

Thanks to Roelf and his team at NZ Gourmet Waiuku site for a fantastic visit! There were many highlights, including the production facilities, growing techniques, innovative engineering, biological crop protection and natural pollination facilities of Zonda Beneficials.The Waiuku site has approximately 5 ha of greenhouse and is producing over 1400 tons of capsicums per annum, of which 60% goes to Japan, 10% to Australia and 30% stays in NZ. Waiuku Gourmet employ about 30 people. The site was set up in 2014 and uses the latest technology and sustainable practices which include reusing water from the roofs and drainage.

Teachers in Industry visit to NZ Hothouse

A fantastic visit to NZ Hothouse (Thank you so much to our host Simon Watson for such an informative and educational experience. I'm sure all those who attended found the visit very worthwhile.

Teachers in Industry visit to NZ Steel

A small group of primary and secondary teachers visited the Glenbrook Steel Mill, on Tuesday the 17th of May. The tour was extremely comprehensive and informative.

A highlight was visiting the onsite laboratory and been shown the testing procedures that ensure product is manufactured to the correct specifications. Thanks New Zealand Steel, our visit was a great success!

Excellent tour, well conducted, most informative. Answered many questions I had. It was better than I had imagined and I feel far more confident to share my understanding of the 'processes of science' in industry, particularly in regard to 'strength of structures', 'chemical change', 'earth science' and 'sustainability'.
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